About Me


I suppose I must begin our conversation on a note of honesty, and so I must tell you that till I was about seven years old, I was convinced that I was an alien from outer space who had been adopted by Earthlings.

The Bubble In Your Cola


Out of chaos, order was born.

Space and time in this unempty nothingness destabilize, like bubbles in your cola. Your cola is in a round glass, and if you’d view it from the top, you’d see a perfect circle. Zoom out in your mind’s eye until the circle is an infinitesimally small dot, in which all matter and energy is contained.

Watch out!

It just exploded.

Stressed Spelled Backwards Is Desserts


After all, eventually you have to learn to enjoy
what you can’t stop being served;
like the peas on your plate, or worse,
the capsicum.